Evaluation Reporting Guide

Coming Fall 2017

A Short Primer on Effective Evaluation Reporting

by Kylie Hutchinson

Illustrations by Chris Lysy

Your evaluation is great, but is your report?

As an evaluator, you are conscientious about conducting the best evaluation possible, but how much thought do you give to how you communicate your findings? Evaluation use depends on stakeholders being able to access and digest your findings and recommendations in a timely and efficient way. Reporting is an important skill for evaluators who care about utilization, but many still use a lengthy, one-size fits all approach that is ineffective for the needs of diverse evaluation audiences.

A Short Primer on Effective Evaluation Reporting highlights why the traditional report isn’t working and what you can do about it. Author Kylie Hutchinson discusses four key fundamentals in communicating your results effectively and dives into innovative alternatives to better engage your stakeholders.

Don't just inform, make an impact!