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Capacity-building in Evaluation and Program Sustainability

We offer private and sponsored capacity-building workshops and webinars for nonprofit organizations in the following areas:

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What People Are Saying

Evaluation capacity-building

Logic models are fun!

"I took your CES Essential Skills Series in 2005.  This was one of the best, most memorable workshops I have ever attended, both for its relevant and applicable content matter, as well as your delivery of it. I really hope that your current work includes an element of teaching and facilitating because you were fantastic. I thank you for your efforts."

"Just to let you know that in our overall project evaluation, your workshop came out as one of the most useful things we did…"

"Fantastic webinar - thank you. Engaging, interactive and comfortable. You are an excellent teacher and facilitator. I felt that you covered the topic thoroughly."

"The presenter makes all the difference, and I think you do an incredible job of keeping people engaged."

"By far one of the best webinars I have seen! Great ideas and also validated some of the things I am doing right now!"

"I really appreciated how she paid attention to the comments and questions coming in, so we didn't feel powerless in the webinar, as sometimes happens."

"I liked the fact that you were able to keep the experienced interested and not leave the learners behind."

"Excellent webinar! I've taken others and found this to be much more useful and applicable to my work."

"I hope you will be putting on more webinars.  I find them to be excellent refreshers and quick."

"More courses please. I pay for the courses myself and I like how affordable they are."

"Your [upcoming American Evaluation Association eStudy] is likely to break our registration record!"

"Kylie's an engaging presenter who has really mastered "the webinar." She keeps you engaged, pace is on target and info is excellent!"

"The presentation of information is very engaging and easy to follow. It is one of the best presented online trainings I have seen."

"This training was so timely for me. I am looking forward to expanding into new resources and making the results of my work have more impact in the real world. Thank you!"

"Absolutely LOVED the interactive nature of the webinar. The polls make you feel involved and as if your opinion matters. The best webinar I have ever done! The sense of informality was really nice. Can't wait for more webinars!"