Community Solutions assists nonprofit organizations to deliver their programs and services more effectively, efficiently, and sustainably. We build nonprofit capacity in evaluation and performance measurement, strategic planning, board governance, and program sustainability planning that leads to stronger organizations and more positive change in our communities.



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Upcoming Events

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Board Roles & Responsibilities
Vantage Point
January 23, 2023

Logic Models for Strategic Planning
Island Health
January/February 2023

Be a Better Presenter
Archway Society for Domestic Peace
February 2023

Strategic Planning
Sembradoras de Vida, Colombia
February 2023

Board Roles & Responsibilities and Succession Planning
Sechelt Community School
April 2023

Liberating Structures for More Engaging Board & Staff Meetings
SharED Vernon
April 6, 2023

Evaluation Capacity Building for Senior Leaders
AEA OLE Topical Interest Group
May 4, 2023

Strategic Planning
La Red Solidaria Colmena, Colombia
June 2023

Logic Models for Auditors
City of Toronto
July 26, 2023

Free Resources

Free tip sheets and other innovative resources for nonprofits and evaluators that are practical, relevant, and something you can use immediately in your day-to-day work.

It’s back! An evaluation glossary app for iPhone and Android. Quickly search for terms alphabetically or by broad category and view their definition.

podcast by evaluators for evaluators!

Two popular videos on System Thinking and Evaluation and What Evaluation Can Do For You.

Evaluation for Leaders is an evaluation course designed specifically for senior decision-makers to quickly increase their understanding of how evaluation can make them more effective.

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