Workshops & Webinars

We offer private and sponsored capacity-building workshops and webinars for nonprofits and evaluators:

  • evaluation basics
  • logic models/theory of change
  • board governance
  • Liberating Structures for more effective meetings
  • strategic planning
  • Nonprofit Lifecycles capacity-building
  • program sustainability planning
  • evaluation reporting
  • evaluation utilization
  • survey design
  • data parties
  • data visualization
  • needs assessments
  • custom training
Evaluation Capacity-building

Contact us for more information on how we can help meet your capacity-building needs.


“I was at an evaluators’ gathering last week and someone said, ‘I just try to imagine what Kylie Hutchinson would do, and then do that.’ I nodded vigorously. :)”

“Full disclosure, our entire team find you to be very engaging, no one fell asleep, drifted off, or zoned out. There were a number of comments as to how much they got out of the workshops that you did for us.”

“This was the first board training we’ve had where I really felt seen as staff.”

“Kylie is the nonprofit doctor – she can help with what’s ailing you!”

“This was one of the best, most memorable workshops I have ever attended, both for its relevant and applicable content matter, as well as your delivery of it. I really hope that your current work includes an element of teaching and facilitating because you were fantastic.”

“I just wanted to let you know that when you did the presentations for our organization recently I was able to share the link with our grantees.  I have heard so many of them telling me how you have influenced their thinking and their work, and how grateful they were for the opportunity.”

“I liked everything. A good mix of content and practical real work examples for us to work on. Liked that she also used real world experience from her past. She was an engaging facilitator.”

“Kylie was very inspiring to work with. She brought a spark with her to our strategic planning session and was very professional. She created spaciousness while also offering structure and guidance.”

“By far one of the best webinars I have seen! Great ideas and also validated some of the things I am doing right now!.”

“The presenter makes all the difference, and I think you do an incredible job of keeping people engaged.”

“I liked the fact that you were able to keep the experienced interested and not leave the learners behind.”

“Thanks so much for tailoring this to US and our work vs presenting a cookie-cutter training.””

“Kylie’s an engaging presenter who has really mastered ‘the webinar’. She keeps you engaged, pace is on target and info is excellent!”

“Just to let you know that in our overall project evaluation, your workshop came out as one of the most useful things we did…”

“I really appreciated how she paid attention to the comments and questions coming in, so we didn’t feel powerless in the webinar, as sometimes happens.”

“Fantastic webinar – thank you. Engaging, interactive and comfortable. You are an excellent teacher and facilitator. I felt that you covered the topic thoroughly.”

“Absolutely LOVED the interactive nature of the webinar. The polls make you feel involved and as if your opinion matters. The best webinar I have ever done! The sense of informality was really nice. Can’t wait for more webinars!”

“Logic models do not scare me anymore.”