Evaluation Failures

Evaluation Failures: 22 Tales of Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned

Edited by Kylie Hutchinson

Foreword by Michael Quinn Patton


I’m excited to be working with SAGE Publishing and 21 evaluation colleagues who have bravely agreed to share their stories of past failure with the evaluation community. Spread across the evaluation spectrum, these real-life blunders in the field will leave you shocked, laughing, and definitely wiser. Learn vicariously from your peers and reflect on your own practice.


“This is the evaluation book we've been waiting for! A must-read for all learning and working in the field.”

Amanda M. Olejarski
West Chester University


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Thomas Archibald

Gail Barrington

Jennifer Bisgard

Isaac Castillo

Jane Davidson

Jara Dean Coffey

Stephanie Evergreen

Benoît Gauthier

Kylie Hutchinson

Susan Igras

Chris Lovato

Rakesh Mohan

Felix Muramutsa

Corey Newhouse

Jan Noga

Emma Williams

Lisa O’Reilly

Hallie Preskill

Mary Pat Selveggio

Robert Shepherd

Karen Snyder

Marla Steinberg

Diana Tindall